Family Updates

We need your help! We want to keep our family history records as up-to-date as possible. Whenever there is a birth, marriage, or death in your branch of the Walter Stewart Family, please tell us about it. We also want the details of family military service. There are a couple ways you can submit updates to our records. The first, is to fill out one or more of the forms below. Second, you can hand a paper copy of your records to the Chief Historian or you House Historian at the reunion, or third, you can mail a hard copy in (a form for this is included in the newsletter). If you have a hard copy or digital image of an obituary or other record that you would like to submit, email Linda L. Clark ("linclark @") or mail to Linda L. Clark, 265 Clark Lane, Dorchester, SC 29437. Every year submitted updates are included in the family newsletter and deaths in the family are read aloud at the reunion meeting.

Please submit one form per event update (a birth, death, or marriage).
If there are additional events or additional persons, please submit a separate form to make sure our records are clear. Thank you!

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