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Walter Stewart Clan family members are spread out all over the US and the world. We have a number of different ways to stay in touch between seeing each other at reunions. Click on the contact list page to find email addresses, not only for members of the family Executive Committee, but also for cousins who would love to hear from you. Click on the Facebook page to join the active group page where social-media-savvy Stewarts hang out. Click on family updates to let us know the news in your branch of the family. We'll add your info to our records and publish it in the newsletter. Click the links page for other websites related to the WS Clan in some way. If you would like to subscribe (or update your subscription) to the family newsletter, go to the Subscribe page under the Newsletters heading. Lastly, if you would like to know when any major updates are made to the website, fill out the form below and we'll send you an email every once in a while. Alternatively, join the Facebook group, where updates are also posted.

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