Walter Stewart Clan Historic Constitution and Bylaws

This Constitution was adopted by the Walter Stewart Clan many years ago and is included in the Walter Stewart Family History Book. Amendment were made to the Constitution by unaminous vote during the 2018 reunion Clan Meeting. A copy of the amended Constitution is available in the here.

ARTICLE I: Resolved, that we the descendants of Walter Stewart of County Antrim, Ireland and his wives Mary Ross and Isabella Bobo, and those by direct marriage connection with this blood, do unite to establish a permanent association for the objects hereinafter set forth; and by our family council do ordain and establish the following Rules and Regulations for the government of this association.

ARTICLE II: This association shall be known as the Walter Stewart Clan.

ARTICLE III: The object to be accomplished by the organization is as follows.

ARTICLE IV: Fraternity - To preserve and strengthen those kind and fraternal feelings which bind together those of one blood and to perpetuate the history and memory of the head.

ARTICLE V: This Clan shall be officered by a Chief and seven Subchiefs, a Chaplain or Chaplains, a Secretary and Assistant, Treasurer and such other officers as the Clan may find necessary, and these may be elected at such time and in manner as may be best suited; provided the Clan may and does delegate the power to the Chief and Subchiefs to appoint several officers when it may be deemed necessary.

ARTICLE VI: The officers, viz., Chief, Subchiefs, and Chaplain to serve for life, good behavior or resignation in writing and acceptance by the whole Council of the Clan.

ARTICLE VII: The other officers, Secretaries and Treasurer, shall serve for two years and until their successors may be elected and installed.

ARTICLE VIII: The duties of the Chief shall be (1) to preside at all Council Meetings and sub-meetings by the Subchiefs - provided he be allowed to appoint an aide-de-camp to act for him under his supervision. (2) To call all meetings of the whole Council or a meeting of consultation by the Subchiefs. (3) His authority shall be a veto upon any or all measures adopted by the whole Council or by the Subchiefs and to be of force unless there be a two-thirds majority obtained against his objection. (4) He shall be required to wear his insignia of rank whilst presiding in whole Council meetings.

ARTICLE IX: The duties of the Subchiefs shall be to consult and advise with the Chief on all matters relative to the good of this Clan and prepare business for the general Council of the whole Clan when called by the Chief with their consent, acting in a representative capacity.

ARTICLE X: The duties of the secretaries shall be those reserved to such officers, acting under the advise of the Chief or his aide-de-camp.

ARTICLE XI: All persons of both sexes descending from Walter Stewart of Antrim or connected by marriage to this blood over twelve years of age shall be entitled to a vote at any general council of the Clan.

ARTICLE XII: No person unless a descendant of Walter Stewart of Antrim will be eligible to the office of Chief - but any husband of a Stewart woman may act and be elected a Subchief.

ARTICLE XIII: The sub council of Chief and Subchiefs can at any time when a vacancy arises from death or resignation or for cause, elect an officer to temporarily fill the vacated office.

ARTICLE XIV: A quorum of a general Council shall not be less than three persons from four of the seven houses of Walter of Antrim - twelve persons.

ARTICLE XV: A quorum of the Subchiefs council shall be not less than four Subchiefs acting with the Chief or his representative or aide-de-camp.

ARTICLE XVI: Upon the death of the Chief the eldest Stewart obtainable shall act as temporary Chief until his place can be filled by election by the whole Clan.

ARTICLE XVII: This constitution and bylaws can be annulled, added to or amended by a two-thirds vote of a quorum of the whole Council.

ARTICLE XVIII: We hereby adopt two mottoes as follows, viz., first, God our King, and second, Onward and Upward.

Source: 2nd Appendix in the Walter Stewart Clan History.