Walter Stewart Family Contact Information

Below are email addresses for cousins who have generously provided contact information in the hopes that you'll stay in touch. If you would like to get in touch with any member of the Executive Committee (including the Chief, Chief Historian, or Website Editor) their updated contact information is included in each year's Newsletter.

Family Friends & Contacts

  • 1328411 Bettye Jo Wilson, "bettye-jo-wilson at"
  • 151313 Charlie Owens, "charliepeg at"
  • 152455 Donna Wells Pappas, "dwpappas at"
  • 1624371 Tim and Nichelle Stewart, "stewarttns at"
  • Jeri Lynn Smart Nobles, "4ourfamily at"
  • 2113411 Patsy Ann McCorkindale, "brucem at"
  • 214261 Joy Walston, "tworadar at"
  • 267211 Stewart Jones, "stewartndea at"
  • 2.12.3621 Douglas W. Stewart, "dugstewart at"
  • 317113 Molly Lurea Stewart Troxel, "mtroxel at"
  • 317131 Jim and Paula Stewart, "jts342 at"
  • 3171321 Rachel Norton, "nortonrd138 at"
  • 31771 Ken and Pat Farrow, "kenlfarrow at"
  • 317723 Susanne Farrow McKee, "sfrealtor at"
  • 318113 Martha Jean Porter Armstrong, "mjarm51 at"
  • 322251 Ellen Stewart Waters, "ellen_waters at"
  • 38423 Francis E. Carter III, "cater.penny at"
  • 3845 Lucy Stewart, "llps121 at"
  • 427173 Kathryn Denise Stewart Lykke, "kat.lykke at"
  • Sally Kraus, "cvd.skraus6732 at"
  • 55712 Tommy C. Stewart, "ltctommy at"
  • 58521 David Russell Brown, "mstokelt at"
  • 622621 David G. Jones, "dgjones1940 at"
  • 64152 Catherine C. Inabnit, "c.inabnit at"
  • 64165 Elizabeth Powell Rickenbaker, "erickenb at"
  • 68413 Marshall "Marc" C. Stewart, "marcstewart at"
  • 723521 Juanita Davis, "ggjd69 at"
  • 74384 Tricia Roberts Hall, "sctricia at"
  • 75191 Diane Wheeler, "dew at"
  • Walter Leeroy Stewart, "walterlstewart at"
  • Mike Smith, "m_s_7480ggm at"
  • Jorge Gonzales, "jl-gonzales8772 at"

If you find one of these addresses to be out-of-date, or you would like to update or correct your own address please email Judy Smith ("judysmith3.14 at").